Deadlines extended to 4th of July 2017

Due to the overwhelming requests we have received, and taking into consideration the recent floods and disruption of activities,  the organizing committee has decided to extend the deadline from 15th June to 4th of July 2017.  

The good news is that Advocata Institute plans to organise a leadership forum in Colombo and this will be a series of forums opening opportunities to take part in similar forums in the Asian Region. Essays submitted before 16th June (20th June for postal submissions) will be considered for the leadership forum in Colombo. So your hard efforts do not go waste.  

However if you have missed the 15th June deadline now you can try one more time by submitting your essay before 4th July 12.00 midnight.  The deadline will not be extended beyond this point.

Thank you very much for your contribution, efforts and patience.   Please see the revised dates on the the important dates page.  If you submitted your essay earlier and you wish to re-submit your essay, you can do that by sending an email to with the subject "RE-SUBMISSION".   

Please contact Dhananath on 0775080256