We believe Economic Freedom - the ability of people to make their own economic choices -- is the key ingredient to sustained prosperity.

Sri Lanka, our beautiful island home has had her share of troubles. Although, we have many things we can be proud of as a people of shared history, there are many things we need to set right.  

Advocata Institute wants to see the future of our country through the eyes of her youth. We hope to make this competition, a platform  understand our nation’s future leaders and what they have to say. This is your opportunity to share your insights, thoughts and feelings about what economic freedom means to you discuss whether the its core tenants are the missing ingredients in Sri Lanka achiving it's economic potential.


  • The competition is open to students who are citizens of Sri Lanka or currently residing in the country. 
  • The students must currently be enrolled in school, university or a higher education institute in full-time or part-time study.
  • The applicants must be born after 1 January 1993 (Less than 24 years of age).
  • The applicants must specify the category in which they are applying under and submissions must be made through the official application form (available online)
  • The essays should be written on the subject of "What economic freedom means to me" and students are encouraged to interpret the subject the way they choose.  
  • Essays should be under 1500 words for the university category and less than 1000 words for the schools category. 
  • The final submission must be entrant's own work and cannot be excessively corrected or improved by another person. Plagiarism is not accepted in this competition.  Group or joint entries are not considered qualified entries. 
  • Only one essay per entrant is allowed and students who are not enrolled in Higher education institution cannot apply under the university category. 



  • Start by researching on "Economic Freedom".  Our resources section on our website provide some starting material.
  • The provided material in the resource section is for guidance only, students are encouraged to do their own research or engage with the resource materials on their own terms.  Feel free to disagree, critique and come up with your own analysis.  
  • Once you feel like you have read enough material and have a few ideas on what you want to write about, sketch an outline of your thoughts.
  • Write your thesis statement and develop the essay's body, introduction and conclusion.
  • Re-read your essay and add the finishing touches. 



  • Fill in the form,  and copy/paste your essay content on the document.